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What’s up everyone,

Chris here with another update. We will be premiering our Official Music Video for the first single, “Pursuit of Perfection”, off the upcoming Cycles EP. We are very excited to bring you a very visually stimulating experience. We understand this release has been delayed a lot, but we have only done it to bring you the best possible sounding and visually awesome awesomeness. We truly hope that you enjoy this experience as much as we are excited to bring it to you.

Please tune in this Saturday, March 14th at 12:00 p.m. over on our Facebook page. We have created an event specific to this event and we want you to be part of it!

Click here for the event page

The song will also be available for purchase that same day on iTunes and all major online music retailers.

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“Cycles” Update

Well, we’ve been quite busy trying to organize and set up the launch of “Cycles”. We really want this to be special, after all, we feel like we owe to you guys to deliver the best content that we can muster. The run of shows we did in December was a blast and there will be more of that coming. Hope you can make it!

We just finished shooting a music video for the first single in “cycles” titled Pursuit of Perfection, which is an homage to the constant reminder that we can drive ourselves crazy while trying to make something so perfect that we forget to enjoy what we are actually doing. That’s what i get from it, anyway. The video is turning out so kick ass. It was directed and edited by Andrew Colton who was able to come up with the concept and put this concept into some kick ass imagery. Super impressed with his talents.

We will soon be unveiling the artwork for the new “Cycles” EP which was a product of the very talented Italian artist Francesco De Luca. We were so impressed by his talents and were so taken by the way his artwork made us feel. Especially in relation to this EP, we feel it represents it quite accurately.

Also, in case you have noticed new faces on the stage with us, we have been working with Aaron Boucher on the drums. Great dude and great drummer! So next time you see him, come up and say hi!

If you’ve seen some red on the stage, it’s not your eyes, its not the lights, its Steve Buchanan. Dude is so talented that he cant help but be full of himself (jk). Great dude, great vibes from him always. He definitely brings a new dimension to the sound of the band, adding new textures and pretty notes!

I will be venturing to represent the band at this years NAMM ’15 event in Anaheim, CA, I will be spending time at the PRS Guitars booth and meeting people, so if you’re there, make sure to say hi, I’ll be the guy with the GoPro (nerd).

Anyway, that’s it for now. I will probably be updating this quite often as well as posting some new video content for your entertainment.

See ya at the next show!




Dharmata Florida WinTour!

We’ve been running around Florida the last few weeks Rockin Out, Making New Friends and Having a Blast!


We still have a few more dates to come so make sure to check our “Shows” tab to see if we’re coming to Your Town!


We thank you all for your never ending support and We hope to see you soon!!


Remember To Spread the Word!! Strength In Numbers!!